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LIC Policy Forms 2021

LIC of India has prescribed forms for all purposes and it is recommended that a person uses these forma only when requesting for a service from LIC. The forms are designed in such a way that they capture all the required information which will ease the process and also save time.

Use only latest forms. The forms are revised from time to time and LIC office will take only he latest form for requests. Please make sure you download the latest version of the forms. You can also collect the hard copy or the print out of the forms from any nearest LIC branch. 

Though the forms can be used for any branch or office but there are certain forms that can be used for a particular region, division or branch only. Please clarify with your LIC agent regarding the use of correct form.

Instructions to Use Forms

  1. Fill the forms in capital letters in black or blue color only
  2. Affix photographs with glue only at place provided
  3. Attach relevant supporting documents with forms
  4. Some forms may need a witness 
  5. Some forms may need attestation from bank manager / LIC agent, etc.
  6. Make sure you sign at all requirUd places

Print Forms

You can take a printout of the forms downloaded from the links below. The forms need to be printed on  A4 size paper only. Black and white print outs are recommended. To save paper get the forms printed on both sides of the paper sheet.

Submit Forms

The forms can be submitted through your LIC agent or at the branch. A request form should always be deposited t the home branch, i.e. from where you have taken to the policy. If you are not in the same city a your serving branch, you can courier the forms to branch address. 

Download Forms

New Policy Form

 Form Number / NameDescriptionDownload
1300Proposal form for policy for self lifeDownload PDF
2340Proposal form for policy for self life
3360Proposal form for policy for self life
4501Proposal form for cancer care policy
5Poposal form for PMVVY scheme
6Proposal form for SIIP
7Proposal form for Nivesh Plus
8Proposal form for Jeevan Shanti
9Proposal form for Jeevan Arogya

Request Service Forms

 Form Number / NameDescriptionDownload
63510Policy surrender
83783Maturity claimDownload PDF
9Discharge form
10Suitability Analysis
11Change of Nomination / Nominee change form
12Loan on policy
14Life certificate
15NEFT Form / NEFT Mandate Form
16Covid 19 Form - Apr 2021
17Change of mode / frequency of premium paymentDownload PDF
18Policy revivalDownload PDF
Death claim
LIC declaration
Name change

Policy Brochure

 Form Number / NameDescriptionDownload
1Jeevan AnandEndowment plus life long insuranceDownload PDF
2Jeevan LakshyaAlso known as Kanyadan planDownload PDF
3Jeevan LabhSmall term, big benefitDownload PDF
4Jeevan UmangThe ONLY true 100 years planDownload PDF
5Jeevan ShiromaniFor exclusive people Download PDF
6Jeevan TarunChildren's policyDownload PDF
7Amar JeevanTerm planDownload PDF

Downloads for LIC Agent

  • LIC Agent Exam Syllabus – Download LIC Agent Exam syllabus
  • LIC Agent Exam Book IC 38 – Download IC 38 Exam Book
  • LIC Agent Commission Chart 2021
  • All LIC Plans Ready Reference

Other Downloads

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