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New LIC Policy

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LIC of India has been introducing new LIC policy from time to time. New LIC policies introduced by LIC are in sync with the changing times and are aligned with the requirement of the present times.

What’s new in 2020

LIC introduces new plans every now and then. Most of the times the current plans are stopped and reintroduced with better features. Many times the changes are just minor ones but it can also happen that the plans get changed completely.  

New LIC plan for women

New lic policy 2020

There are few new plans introduced by LIC that are best lic plan for female like Jeevan Lakshya and Jeevan Umang. The endowment plan has been relaunched as lic of india new endowment plan 814. Women in India do not take the life insurance need that seriously and often have no or very less insurance.  

Interesting article: Why women need insurance continue reading…

Interesting article: Why women need insurance more than men  continue reading… 

LIC also introduced a new term plan Jeevan Amar. LIC best term plan 2018.

Jeevan Shanti has been revised with new interest rates. The best option or retired people to keep their principal amount safe and get regular monthly pension for life. lic new jeevan shanti.

The plan details and other information can be found at LIC’s official website We provide insurance advise for all insurance needs of individuals. LIC has endowment, term, money back, one time premium plans. Other top 13 insurance plans for women

New LIC Policy to buy (2020)

Here is a comprehensive list of New LIC plans in 2020. Though there are many plans active from LIC, but the list below has only the best among the lot.

  • New one time investment Plan
  • New Children Plan
  • New Money Back Plan
    • New money back plan 20 years
    • New money back plan 25 years
  • New Term Plan
    • Jeevan Amar
  • New Endowment Plan
  • New Life Long Pension and Cover Plan
  • Jeevan Labh
  • New Pension Plan (one time investment plan)
    • Jeevan Shanti
  • New Medical insurance plan
  • New Term Plan

As listed above LIC has new plans for all types of customers like one time payment, short term payment, 5 year payment plan, life long plan, pension plans in 2019.

How to buy

You can easily request a one to one meeting with our insurance experts and discuss your insurance needs. We help our clients in all aspects of understanding, finalising and buying of life insurance products. Click on the link below to start your insurance planning today!

LIC plan chart

InsuringGurgaon is a leading LIC of India advisory firm operating in Gurgaon. We have more than 40 years of experience in serving our clients with LIC insurance policy. We cater to all insurance needs of our customers and advice them in their insurance and financial decisions.

If you want to buy New LIC Policy, you have reached the right place. To see the complete list of LIC plans click here. The LIC premium payment is quite easy, simple and secure via website, UPI apps, etc.

If in Gurgaon you can buy new plans from Vikas Sharma.

Get in touch with LIC customer care at the link below

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Best time to buy new Insurance policy

Though whenever you start, is the best time but it is recommended that you buy at least some basic life cover and investment plan early in life. In fact people who have started investing at the age of 25 years or earlier have been the most beneficial.

Why buy insurance Policy from LIC of India

LIC of India is the largest and the oldest insurance provider in India. It has more than 98% of claim settlement record (this is highest in India).

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Which policy to buy and when (image)


Which is the best policy for children?

Jeevan Tarun, Jeevan Lakshya

Which is the policy with least premium?

Jeevan Rakshak, Aadhaar stambh, Aadhaar shila

Does LIC has any one time payment plan?

LIC has many single premium policies, to name a few Jeevan Shanti, Single Premium Endowment, etc.

Is there any policy in which I have to save once and I get life long returns?

Jeevan shanti. You need to save just once and you get immediate returns for life long.

Does LIC has term plan?

Yes, LIC has two term plans Jeevan Amulya and Jeevan Amar.

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