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Some people are good in job and some like to do business. Whatever career option you choose it is very important that you have the right skills and resources to excel in the field. People who become LIC agents have the flexibility of business, support of a solid infrastructure and power to earn good amount of money.

A regular full time LIC agent can easily earn Rs. 30,000 to 40,000 per month. LIC offers 

  • Flexible office timings
  • Unlimited earnings
  • Group insurance, gratuity, office maintenance fund, etc. 
  • Foreign travel
  • Easy loan
  • Legacy income
how to become lic agent

We have here collected all the required information that you would need to know about the fast, and the official process to be a LIC agent. LIC Gurgaon offers an excellent opportunity to all people to join LIC as a Insurance Agent to work part time or full time in 2020. The process is very simple and takes less than 2 weeks to get your LIC licenses to sell policies. 

become lic agent

lic agent gurgaon How to Become LIC Agent

There are 3 steps to become a LIC agent:

Step 1: Get in touch with your local LIC office. There you can meet the Manager or any Development Officer.

Step 2: Attend a mandatory online training of 25 hours with any of the available training institutes. 

Step 3: After the training, you would be required to appear for a online exam being conducted by NSEIT, Shop No.2E/22, 3rd Floor, Jhandewalan Extension, Jhandewalan, New Delhi, Delhi 110055 (How to reach NSEIT for LIC agent exam, see Google location map)

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Become a Insurance Adviser in Gurgaon under the guidance of Mr. Vijay Singh, Gurgaon Main Branch (code: 122). He has more than 30 years of insurance experience.


  1. Completed 18 years of Age
  2. Have passed 10th Standard as educational qualification
  3. Should have PAN CARD & AADHAAR CARD
  4. Willing to undertake training programme of 25 hours online or offline

Exam Preparation

Candidate has to complete the basic life insurance training programme conducted by LIC of India. The training is for 25 hours and covers the history of insurance in India, LIC facts and various aspects of Life Insurance. This training is provided absolutely free of cost.

Then he candidate has to write the exam conducted by Insurance Institute of India under the guidelines of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The exam is of 50 marks and is in the format of MCQs (multiple choice questions). It is conducted online. LIC insurance agent exam is subjective type.

After the successful completion of examination, there will be an interview by the branch in charge and LIC Agent code will be allotted and you’ll be working under a Development Officer / CLIA (Chief Life Insurance Advisor) who shall guide you on how to run your insurance business.


LIC agents help policy buyers understand the policy features and recommend policies to them. It is the responsibility of a LIC agent to help the customer till he gets his policy. For his services LIC of India pays the LIC agent commission and other benefits. Besides the commissions there are many other benefits as well for LIC agents, see the complete LIC Agents benefits here. LIC policies list can be seen here.

  1. Great commissions:
  2. Loans
  3. Group Insurance
  4. Be your own boss
  5. Allowance for office, computer, employees, etc.
  6. Many more…


The best part of the job is that a agent decides his salary. Though there is no salary given by the LIC of India but a agent is free to work as much as he wants and fix his monthly salary. If you are 12th pass and have no experience you can still do this job. This can be done as part time business as well. A great option for people looking for work from home opportunity in Gurgaon. 


The commission for LIC agent on different policies is different. For most of the policies you earn commission up to 35% on the first premium and then reducing commission on renewals. Everyone has this question in mind how much commission does LIC agent get? The answer is, it depends.

The commissions are fixed for different policies but since the earnings of a agent are only based on the work he or she does so its absolutely impossible to say how much a agent earns.

Some plans have very less commissions like single premium plans and LIC Pension plans.

lic agent commission chart

Top 4 Reasons to chose LIC agent as a career:

  1. The career of an LIC agent is not just high earning but highly satisfying as well. You will help people realize their dreams by fulfilling their financial goals and provide them with financial advise that will help them in their wort times.
  2. People who want to be entrepreneurs without the investment and the basic infrastructural struggle this is the best option. As an Agent, you will be a true entrepreneur. Here at LIC you are your own boss.
  3. With LIC’s sate-of-the-art training you can excel in this profession even if you don’t have previous experience in selling.
  4. There are dedicated spaces, technology, office support staff at all LIC branch offices that every agent is entitled to use as per his necessity.


The main job responsibility and scope of work for a LIC agent is to sell policies. As a agent you are required to inform people about LIC policies and help them chose the right policy for their financial goals. LIC Policy agent earn commissions on all policies till the time are are in force.

Commission Chart 2019

lic agent commission on regular policies

Commissions on regular premium polices vary from 40% to 7.5%.

single premium lic agent commission

The agent receives a small percentage till the policy is in force or until the policy is surrendered. In rare cases people surrender their policies. If the policy is surrendered the LIC agent’s commissions ceases.

Download LIC Agent Application Form

Download the Application form here

How long does agency license remain active even if I do not do any policy?

A LIC agency has targets that every LIC agent has t complete within a year. The targets are 6 policies or 12 policies. There are different conditions for the policy targets. If an agent is not able to do any policy n a year he / she has to report to the office and explain the reason why he could not do the policies. If the Branch Manager and Development Officer are convinced of his answer they can give him a extension of license even with zero policies. 

TOP LIC Agents in Gurgaon

LIC of India presents a great opportunity to earn and grow. Professionals, businessmen and salaried employees are working part time and full time with LIC as agent in Gurgaon.

Here is an list of some of the successful agents in Gurgaon.

  • Renu Sharma
  • Mamta Devi
  • Rekha Kumar
  • Jitender Singh
  • Yashwant Kumar Singh
  • Yaduvender Singh
  • Ashok Arora
  • Bhagwat Sharma
  • Harish Kumar Mehta
  • Promila Yadav

If you would like to know more about the work and apply for a LIC Agent, get in touch with us to get the LIC Agent contact number.

Download study material for exam

1LIC Agent Syllabusdownload
2LIC Agent Exam Book – Study Materialdownload

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How much does it cost to become a LIC agent?

The official fees of the exam from Indian Institute of Insurance is Rs. 500. There are some minor file, registration charges which will cost you around Rs. 500. So, you would need around Rs. 1000 to become LIC agent.

How much time does it take to become a LIC agent?

From exam registration to getting your license it will take not more than 4 weeks.

How much can LIC agent earn?

There is no limit to earn in LIC agency. Each policy of 1,00,00 will get you around 50,000.

What are the targets?

You need to do only 6 policies in a year.

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