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LIC Premium Payment

LIC Premium Payment

LIC premiums can be paid via many methods. The premiums can be paid online or offline. Timely payment of policy premiums ensure that you get all the benefits of the policy. A lapsed policy can be the reason for rejected claims or any other monetary bonus. If you for some reason do not want to pay premium there are other ways to avoid or minimize the loss due to non payment. We have described that in the last section of this page.

The easiest and safest way to pay your policy premium is via LIC’s official website or app PayDirect. Premium payments can be made via any UPI

LIC Offline Premium Payment

  1. LIC branch (Branch locator)
  2. LIC premium points (List below)
  3. LIC LifePlus

LIC Online Premium Payment

  1. LIC official website You can make a premium payment even if you do not have a login id and password.
  2. LIC premium payment app LIC PayDirect available on Google App store
  3. UPI apps like PayTm, Google Pay, etc. (How to make payment via PayTm)
How to do LIC premium payment online?

There are several ways to do the LIC payment online. Like LIC official website, premium payment points, PayTM, banks, ATMs etc.Just select the premium payment mode and make payment accordingly. Many apps and websites also provide cash backs on LIC premium payments.

You can pay your LIC policy premium online on PayTMapp. Just look for LIC logo and put in your policy number, the app will show you the premium due including the late fee charges if any. The premium will be calculated as per your payment mode.

How do I get to know my LIC premium due date?

The premium due date is mentioned on the policy bond and the premium receipts. You would also be getting a premium reminder a month before the due date from LIC of India on your registered mobile number and email id.
Premium payment ca be made directly from your bank account. Making a online payment is quick, secure and safe. You just need your policy number and you can pay online your amount due on the policy.

Missed the due date, don’t worry you can still make the payment via different ways to pay. 

premium payment mode

When do I pay premium?

It is best to pay your LIC premiums in at least a week in advance of your policy premium date. The next policy premium due date is mentioned on the premium receipt. With the introduction of direct bank payment / ECS / NACH it has become very convenient to make sure you never miss your policy premium payment.
You can anytime change your premium payment mode by requesting online or through your lic agent.

Just fill a simple form and submit at your LIC office or with your agent to activate direct debit of premiums. If you need any help in paying your premium in Gurgaon, feel free to call our phone number 9891420503

How do I pay premium?

Premiums can be paid online or offline as per your convenience. You can also set up auto debit of the premium payment directly from your bank account. Visit the LIC site and download lic payment receipt download. All payments made online can reflect in your account in 2-3 business days.

How to check policy status?

There are several ways to get your policy status. You can register your policy online at the LIC official site, walk into the nearest LIC branch or ask your LIC agent.

Is my policy eligible for a loan?

How much loan can I get against my policy Most of the LIC policy have this inbuilt feature of partial withdrawal or loan on the policy.

Get in touch with your nearest branch or agent to know your loan eligibility and to understand the simple process of instant loan.

How to get the LIC policy payment receipt?

The premium payment receipt is given at the time of payment. If the premium is being paid at the counters in LIC office then the receipt will be handed over immediately. If the premium is paid online it takes 3 business days to get the premium receipt via email. 

If you have lost your receipt of lic premium paid, you can get a duplicate receipt from your LIC branch. If you are getting error like lic online payment not working, try after some time. You can download the premium receipt from your LIC login section.

How to get lic premium receipt online?

You can download the premium paid receipt anytime from the LIC of India site by creating your login id. For creating the login id would would need the email id and the phone number (as registered in you policy).

It is even more convenient to make LIC premium payment through credit card.

Is there any app to pay the premium?

Yes, you can pay your premiums using the official LIC premium payment app, PayDirect. The app can be downloaded from Google play store

The on time premium payment for LIC policies ensure that the policy holder receive all the benefits of the policy and on time. The premium must be paid regularly without fail. All the premium for the plans come with a grace period within which if the payment is made there is no penalty. 

Online Payment for Lic Premium

All LIC premiums payment can be made online at website or using LIC App PayDirect. There are many other third party apps, websites that can be used to make online payment for LIC premium.

LIC premium guidelines

How can I revive a lapsed policy?

A policy revival form (FNO-680 (1) LIC Revival Form) is available with your branch or agent. The KYC would also be needed to submit along with this form. A few medical tests would be required in case of revival of the policy depending on the policy holder’s age, profession, policy terms, etc. A policy usually takes just 2-3 business days to be revived.

Is there any grace period on premium payment?

Generally speaking one month grace period is available on most of the policies.

LIC App PayDirect

LIC App details

App size: 5.8 MB

Downloads: 500K+

Reviews Rating: 3.8 start rating (3k+ reviews)

LIC PayDirect App
LIC premium payment app

LIC of India has launched its official app to make payments policies. The app is available for Android phones on Google App store at the link. The best method to make LIC payment is using LIC’s official app. NO fraud can be done regarding payment if you make use of LIC’s official website of App.

How to do online premium payment Video

See the simple steps in the video to make an online payment. Just visit the site

Premium Collection Agent

There are several ways to pay LIC premium online or by visiting LIC office or collection centers in Gurgaon. LIC has many authorized LIC Premium Payment Agent in different locations that can help policy holders to deposit their premiums timely and with out any hassle.

  • LIC Office ADDRESS: LIC main office (Plot 104, Sector 44, Gurgaon)

LIC Premium Points

  2. House no. 310 , Sector 14 Near Payal Cinema GURUGRAM – 122001

Online Premium Payment

Easy step to step guide

Users who have registered themselves on the LIC official site (

OR who have their email id ad mobile phone number updated in LIC records can visit the site at the link (










Premium Payment Through PayTm

All policy payments can be made easily on through PayTM as well. Poliyholders can visit the PayTm site or download the app on their android or Apple phones for easy payment of premium.

Some points to keep in mind while making LIC premium payment through PayTm. 

  1. You have to complete your KYC with PayTm to be able to use the app.
  2. Policies with late fees can also be paid through PayTm. Just put in your policy number and the app will show you the total amount due including late fees if any.
  3. You get your premium receipt instantly

What is NACH Mandate?

NACH is a new method of paying your LIC premiums directly from your bank account. Its a simple form that you have to submit with LIC along with your bank details filled in. Once submitted and approved by the bank the premium of your policy would be directly credited from your bank account.

LIC NACH Mandate

LIC also has a ECS facility for payment of premium. Policy holders can avail this facility to pay their policy premiums online every month directly from their bank account. LIC ECS facility to make monthly automated premium payments is called NACH. The full form of NACH is National Automated Clearing House (NACH) 


NACH Mandate form

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