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LIC Term Plans

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Lic of India term insurance plan

LIC Term Plans are the most basic insurance plans where in the premium paid is very less and there is no maturity pay out. In simple terms these are pure insurance plans for defined term.

Term Plans give you a very high insurance assurance sum. Wherein the family is paid a assured amount in the absence of the policy holder. A new LIC term plan has been introduced recently in Sep 2019, Jeevan Amar (table no. 855). It is indeed the best term plan available in the market currently.

What is term insurance?

A term insurance is simplest form of life insurance. The claim in term insurance is paid only in case the policyholder dies during the policy term. There is no savings aspect in term insurance.

LIC term plans – Amar Jeevan and Anmol Jeevan

LIC currently has two term plans by the name of Amar Jeevan and Anmol Jeevan. Anmol jeevan has the maximum sum assured of 25 lakhs whereas Amar Jeevan has no upper limit on the sum assured. 

Eligibility to get term policy

A person to be eligible to get a term policy from LIC must be earning, have sound medical history and should not be in a hazardous profession.

Difference between a traditional plan and term plan

How to get a term plan?

  1. apply for a term plan with LIC advisor
  2. Submit your id proof, address proof, health declaration and income proofs
  3. Get your medical done from a LIC authorized medical practitioner.
  4. Get term policy

    images: get 1 cr cover @ Rs. xx/month

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Is the premium fixed for term plan

Yes, the premium is fixed for a term plan. LIC Amar jeevan term plan comes with 3 premium payment options regular, limited period (5 or 10 years less than he policy term) and one-time premium payment

How much does term plan cost?

The basic cost of a term policy is defined by the insurance company and health and lifestyle habits may increase the premium. Also, generally speaking women have lesser premium for their policies as compared to men.

Can I buy term plan for my wife?


What is “sabse pehle life insurance” by IRDA?

It is the promotion campaign by IRDA of India to educate the public about the importance of life insurance. LIC of India is proud to announce that they are fully in favor of the promotion.

Do get in touch with our insurance advisers to understand the LIC Term Plans. Calculate your exact value and take an insurance policy accordingly. Secure your future, save tax.

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