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Ad insertions saw a drop of 41 percent during Jan-Jun’20 over Jan-Jun ’19, the main reason being Covid-19 pandemicTAM AdEx overview of half yearly advertising in digital during H1 ’21 revealed that Amazon Online India topped the top advertisers list during Jan-Jun’21 followed by Grammarly Inc.‘Amazon Online India’ and its brand ‘’ hold 1st position in the top list of advertisers and brands during Y 2021 and Y 2020. It also states that ad insertions saw a drop of 41 percent during Jan-Jun’20 over Jan-Jun ’19, the main reason being Covid-19 pandemic. Ad insertions on digital rebounded in Jan-Jun’21, with a strong growth of 55 percent over Jan-Jun’20. Mar’20 and Mar’19 recorded the highest share of digital ad insertions while in H1’21 month of June had the highest share of digital ad insertions. In H1’20, digital ad insertions recovered with a rise of 15 percent in Jun’20 over May’20. Jun’21 registered a hike of 43 percent in digital ad insertions over Feb’21. H1 ’21 registered the highest number of categories, advertisers and brands compared to H1’19 and H1’20.Services sector topped with 44 percent share of ad insertions during Jan-Jun ’21 followed by computers with 11 percent. Sector retail entered in the list of top 10 sectors with a jump of 5 ranks. Ecom-media, entertainment and social media category topped during Jan-Jun ’21 with 8 percent share of ad insertions. Ecom-gaming moved up by 7 ranks to achieve 3rd rank replacing corporate-IT. Multiple courses category was the new entrant in the top 10 categories’ list.Hrithik Roshan and MS Dhoni were last with 10 and 9 hours per day visibility, respectively…Ecom gaming among categories saw highest increase in ad insertions with a growth of 2 times followed by e-com media, entertainment, social media with 63 percent growth during Jan-Jun’21 over Jan-Jun’20. In terms of growth percentage, the rental services category witnessed the highest growth percentage among the top 10 i.e.176 times increase in Jan-Jun’21 over Jan-Jun’20. More than 46,600 advertisers were present during Jan-Jun’21. Top 10 advertisers together added 16 percent share of ad insertions. Amazon Online India, Grammarly Inc, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, Gameskraft Technologies, Playgames 24*7, Dell Computer Corporation, Ketto Foundation, Nobroker Technologies Solutions, Ather Energy and SBI Life Insurance Company were the top 10 advertisers. More than 36,000 exclusive advertisers and more than 42,400 exclusive brands advertised during Jan-Jun’21 compared to Jan-Jun’20. Eterno Infotech and Josh App were the top exclusive advertiser and brand respectively during Jan-Jun ’21. ‘’ was the top publisher with 13 percent share of digital advertising in Jan-Jun’21. topped the list during Jan-Jun ’21 followed by ad volumes rebounded in Jan-Jun ’21, with a growth of 22 percent over Jan-Jun‘20, however still not reaching to Jan-Jun’19 level…Desktop display topped with more than half of digital ad insertions during Jan-Jun’21. Category ecom-media, entertainment and social media led on all digital platforms except desktop display. Amazon Online secured its place among the top 5 advertisers in mobile video, desktop and mobile display platforms. Among the creative types, banner ads bagged the highest insertions on digital with 51 percent share followed by HTML5 ads with 34 percent share in Jan-Jun ’21.


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