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Employer’s policy is not adequate for health cover


The IT company I work for provides health insurance. Should I additionally go for personal health insurance? If yes, which health insurance plan should I go for? I am 26, unmarried and have no pre-existing disease.

—Arun Brahma

I recommend you buy an individual health insurance plan irrespective of employer-sponsored coverage. Most employer-sponsored coverage can be inadequate in case of major surgery or critical illness. You should have coverage equal to your annual income with a minimum of ₹10 lakh. It helps to buy a personal health insurance plan early, as you start accumulating a no-claim bonus, which enhances your sum assured free of cost. Prefer a plan with a high no-claim bonus. You could also consider a super top-up health insurance, which are substantially cheaper than regular health plans. Some plans give you the option to convert the top-up plan into a regular plan at a later date. You can exercise that option in the future.

Abhishek Bondia is principal officer and managing director,

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