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Why women need insurance more than the men


Life insurance companies feels that women have a higher risk as compared to men in terms of health status, because they are more likely to be prone to chronic health diseases. They get more health issues which are more frequently and often and also tend to visit doctor more.

Women generally procrastinate in all the financial work and decision so they need more health insurance as early as possible so as to avoid any kind of disbelief and effective circumstances. Insurance means protection from financial loss which is a major aspect in everyone’s life.

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Women have so much busy and hectic in their day to day routine life looking after their family and relatives, keeping everyone happy even if she has been suffering from anything, women tend to ignore themselves just because they want their families to be happy. Therefore, women life insurance is very crucial and important so as to keep equality and equations among all very equal.

A must have life insurance for working women

Whether she is the only earning member of the family or the only parent she must need women insurance. Many women today earn more than her own spouse which is a building block of her own family. Therefore, insurance will help your family in all kind of financial support your family needs even after your death.

It is surely a very responsible way to make sure your family does not have to worry about such things on top of having to deal with your loss. Whether single or married, all women need life insurance after a certain age so as to keep themselves stable in terms of financial. All women need life insurance irrespective of their career, marital status, cast.

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Insurance for housewife

Many other women are housewives who do need life insurance to sustain their family in all kind of financial support if they die due to some reason or the other. Life insurance would help cover those likely substantial costs.

A housewife may not be getting a fixed salary in cash but surely she is helping out the family by taking care of so many daily chores which would otherwise be an expensive buy.

Insurance for working women

Life insurance can help your family’s day to day expenses if you die, as well as your funeral and affected costs required or needed. Your life insurance could benefit your kids afford college or your spouse realize retirement dreams and many more.

Women need insurance because-

  • The plans are very specific and to the point and their health-related issues are also mentioned in the policy very clearly.
  • Maternity expenses whatever is needed are being covered in the given policy.
  • They also include the personal accident cover.
  • They also provide charges to the hospital if you are hospitalized or have some critical illness treatment.
  • There are also many livelihood benefits in case of an accidental health issue or permanent disability.


Thus, above are the mentioned conditions in the insurance and also very crucial in women’s life whether working women, or a housewife woman. It only provides protection and support to your family for entire life and can build cash value over time. You can enjoy permanent protection for life with your permanent payment. 

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