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How to check LIC policy status

A policy holder can any time inquire about the current status of his or her policy online, over the phone or by visiting a LIC of India branch office. It is very simple and fast to know check the status with just your policy number.

The policy number is the only information you would need to get the correct status of your policy. The policy number is written on the policy bond and all the premium receipts.

How to Check Policy Status Online

How to check policy status

You need to login to your account on the official LIC website. To check LIC policy status details on official website you need your phone number and email id updated in LIC records. If you do not have your phone number and email id updated in LIC records, you need to get in touch with your LIC agent or nearest branch.

Any policyholder can create his / her account on LIC website to see various details about their policies like status, premium payment option, premium paid certificate, loan request, etc. To create your account on LIC site you will have to get your email id, birth date and mobile number activated on LIC records.

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Methods to check LIC Status – step by step guide

Policy Status App

LIC customer app from Google app store

LIC official app helps its customers keep track of their policies in real time. Download the LIC policy app from Google app store.

By SMS – easy process

The status of any LIC policy can also be requested using the SMS service. Send the following SMS to get your policy status.

SMS LICHELP to 9222492224 or SMS LICHELP to 56767877

Check online

You can visit the LIC website and make use of LIC Mitra messenger on the site. The chatbot on the site is very simple to use and can provide the status check almost in seconds. When you open the site on your computer, the chat bot becomes active on the right hand bottom corner.

Put in your policy number and the app will show you the current status.


LIC Mitra

The automated bot on LIC official website is called the LIC Mitra. Policy holder can use the app o get quick information about their policies.

Status in Hindi – in seconds

To check the status in Hindi, you can call the call center number of LIC 022 68276827 and speak to the customer care executive there in Hindi.

Request Form for LIC Status Check – send request

    How to check LIC policy status by SMS

    To get policy status by SMS, send SMS LICHELP to phone number 9222492224. Alternatively you can send SMS LICHELP to number 56767877.

    How to check LIC policy status without registration

    To check LIC policy status without registration you can you can got to LIC site and the virtual assistant on the site will tell you about the details of your policy. LIC Mitra

    How to check LIC policy status without policy number

    To check your LIC status without the policy number you will have to visit your LIC branch with your id proof and the customer care executive will pull out your policy status for you.

    Check Status by Login

    To check the policy status by logging in to your account. You should visit LIC official website at http://www.licindia.in. The LIC website has options under services to check the live status of your policy. At all times the status shown here would be the most accurate one. If you are not sure of the policy status, check it by any of the methods mentioned above as soon as possible. If the status of a policy is not right, you may be denied a policy clam, money back or other benefits.

    Check Status by WhatsApp

    Send us a WhatsApp message “Policy Status [policynumber]” and we shall send you your policy status via reply message.


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