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SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. The term was first introduced by mutual funds and since then it has been used for any kind of investment instruments available for Indian investors. Life insurance buyers now have an option for SIP. Which means they can buy big policies without having to invest one lump sum premium payment a year.

A SIP plan is something that you invest regularly in at set intervals. The best advantage of having a SIP is that the investor need not worry about the market ups and downs. The investor decides a fixed amount that they wish to save or invest every month. This way the investor can save a huge amount over a period of time by investing in small chunks of money.

LIC sip with insurance
LIC small premium policy
LIC sip policy
SIP meaning in hindi

LIC SIP Options

LIC 500 per month plan

There are very few options for people who want LIC policy for 500 per month


lic 2000 per month plan
lic 5000 per month plan
lic policy 1000 per month
lic 100 per month
lic 2500 monthly plan

LIC ka SIP plan kya hai?

Is there any SIP plan in LIC?

Almost all LIC plans come with monthly payment options. To name a few Jeevan Anand, Lakshay, Labh, Umang all these policies can be taken on a SIP.

Does LIC have mutual funds?

No. LIC is a life insurance company and does not deal in mutual funds. Though LIC has a few very well performing ULIPS. SIIP, Nivesh plaus are LIC ULIP plans active as of Aug 2021.

Which is better LIC or SIP?

Where can I invest 2500 per month

What is LIC MIS plan? Is it different from SIP?

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