LIC Policy List

LIC Policy List

Here is the comprehensive list of LIC policies . LIC keep updating the policies, closing some and introducing new polices from time to time. The LIC policy list here mentions all the current running polices from LIC in 2020. See the latest information about the policies at the site

Life insurance plans are ever changing as per the changes in the lifestyles of people and the interest rates. Different plans are introduced from time to time.

All List of Term Plans

  1. Anmol Jeevan 2
  2. Jeevan Amar

All LIC Endowment Plans

  1. New Endowment (914)
  2. Jeevan Anand (915)
  3. Single Premium Endowment (917)
  4. Jeevan Rakshak (927)
  5. Limited Premium Endowment (930)
  6. Jeevan Lakshya (833)
  7. Jeevan Labh (836)
  8. Jeevan Pragati (838)
  9. Aadhaar Stambh (843)
  10. Aadhaar Shila (844)
  11. Nav Jeevan (853)

Money Back Plans

  1. 20 Year Money Back (820)
  2. Bima Bachat (816)
  3. 25 Year Money Back (821)
  4. Child Money Back (832)
  5. Jeevan Tarun (834)
  6. Jeevan Shiromani (847)
  7. Bima Shree (848)

Single Premium Plans

  1. Jeevan Shanti
  2. Single Premium Endowment Plan

Pension Plans

  1. Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana
  2. New Jeevan Nidhi
  3. Jeevan Shanti
  4. Jeevan Umang

Health Plans

  1. Jeevan Arogya
  2. Cancer Cover
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Though we have taken due care to list all the policies of LIC of India but still there might be certain plans that have been discontinued or introduced recently. Get in touch with our life insurance advisors to know about the  updated list of plans.

If you would like to know more about any of the plan, comment below.

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