lic of india in 2019

LIC of India in 2019

It’s been quite an event full year for LIC of India first ever you must that LIC has lost some 30000 euros due to its investment in different companies which was flatly rumours floated by the Rivals it was said that LIC has been losing money everyday where as the moment that the this news Cayman almost all the companies world in losses for that particular day that was a single did they append major differences Indian stock market the very next day all the shares of the listed LIC of India invested companies give my money food and in a single day LIC made out more than 1 lakh crore some Mischief vs people tried to Malan LIC image by highlighting the laws which was not only limited to LIC but to the entire Indian industries .

 With IRDA (Insurance regulatory authority of India) allowing 100 percent fdi in the life insurance industry new rule were deemed to the I produced and a few minor. Changes need to be done for all life insurers. Lic is no exception lic will also be making some changes in the current policies and re introducing the almost all plans after 30 Nov. The existing plans sold by lic won’t be affected by these changes. 

If you are planning in getting a life insurance go for it now before 30 Nov. After 30 Nov it is expected that they plans will be giving out assured but a lower return as compared to existing plans. Get in touch with you lic agent today or comment below to fix an appointment with out life insurance experts. 

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