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Goa, 20 November 2020: Mr. C. VIKAS RAO, ZONAL MANAGER, LIC of India, Western Zone, informed that it is a historic moment today for the Life Insurance Industry, as LIC of India has launched a digital application – ANANDA in the hands of Honourable Chairman Mr. M R Kumar, which will prove to be a game changer.

LIC of India has introduced the digital platform for LIC agents which can be used to log in the new business without visitng the LIC branch,  ANANDA. Ananda stands for Atma Nirbhar Agents New Business Digital Application. LIC has taken initiative to make its LIC advisors Atma Nirbhar (Self Dependents).

ife Insurance Corporation of India has launched a digital application for agents for onboarding to get a life insurance policy. The Digital Application is called “ANANDA”, which is an acronym for Atma Nirbhar Agents NewBusiness Digital Application. The Digital application is a tool for the onboarding process to get the life insurance policy through a paperless module with the help of the agent or intermediary.

“The Digital application is a tool for the onboarding process to get the life insurance policy through a paperless module with the help of the agent or intermediary,” LIC said in a statement on Friday, adding that it is built on paperless KYC process using Aadhaar-based e-authentication of the life proposed.


What is ANANDA?

ANANDA is an application where New LIC Policies can be issued, LIC agent do not have to go to office to log in new policies.

Features of ANANDA

  • This application is currently available for LIC Agent only
  • Only non medical cases can be passed through ANANDA
  • Monthly mode LIC policies are NOT available as of now

Benefits to policyholders

  1. No physical meetings during Covid Pandemic.
  2. LIC Agent can work on holidays and weekends.
  3. No more multiple visits to customer and branch for photocopy, age proof, FPRs etc.
  4. Policies can for customers from other cities as well.
  5. Online payment facilitates for customers
  6. Immediate FPR and E- policy bond

In view of today’s difficult and challenging times, LIC has come up with a unique and timely initiative to facilitate the process of proposal completion which is totally paperless and completely digital. The process of new business completion has been re-engineered by converting physical formats into digital ones.

ANANDA will enable an agent to complete a policy even without physically meeting the customer. Mr. C. VIKAS RAO, ZM informed that One prerequisite would be that the mobile number of the customer should be mapped with his Aadhar.

This application has evoked tremendous response from all intermediaries of the Corporation. We are sanguine that this initiative will turn out to be a catalyst and will work as a huge booster in the business performance of the Corporation in coming days.

Mr. C. VIKAS RAO, ZM, called upon all the public of the States of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa to keep their trust continued and insure themselves with LIC by taking the benefit of this wonderful application.

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