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LIC Age calculator will calculate your exact age. What is your date of Birth?
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Your Age for LIC policy


How to calculate age for LIC

To calculate your accurate age use the form below. Please remember LIC considers more than 6 months of age as next year. So if you are 20 years and 7 months old, LIC will calculate you policy premium at the age of 21.

LIC Age Calculator

The LIC age calculator below will help you calculate your age for buying a LIC policy. It is very important to calculate your correct and exact date. The policy premiums vary for each year. Which means the policy premium for a person aged 20 years will be less than a person aged 21.

All LIC apps have a age calculator feature in them. You jut need to put in your date of birth and the app will automatically calculate your age as on today. The calculators calculate the age in years, months and days.

For purchasing a LIC policy the proposer has to declare his or her accurate age. The premium is calculated as per the age, the maturity and money backs are also determined by age.

LIC Age Wise Policy

The minimum and maximum age for buying policies is mentioned in the table below.

LIC Amar Jeevan1865
LIC New Children's Money Back Plan012
LIC New Jeevan Anand1850
LIC Jeevan Umang90 days55
LIC Jeevan Labh859

What is nearest birthday?

The concept of nearest birthday is been used by life insurance companies as the premium calculation factor. The concept means the age of the person is taken as his age on his nearest birthday. So if your birthday is less than 6 months away from today you are considered as the same age.

  1. What is the maximum age to get a LIC policy?

    Age for different policies are different. Some plans have maximum age as 52 while there are some plans that have 58 as the maximum age to apply for purchase of policy. In fact there are certain plans of LIC that have no maximum age limit and can be purchased by anyone at any age.

  2. What is the most accurate way to calculate age for LIC?

    All LIC apps and premium calculator websites will have a age field wherein you need to put your date of birth the it will give you the exact age.

  3. What are LIC age proof documents?

    A policy proposer has to submit age proof document for buying any policy. Usually 10th class certificate, birth certificate are accepted as age proof. For children below 8 years a birth certificate is required. In case the birth certificate is not available any school document can be accepted which has the age of the child mentioned.

  4. What is LIC age relaxation?

    For certain category of people basis of their financial status and education LIC gives a age relaxation.

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