Government life insurance company

Government Life Insurance Company

Whe it comes to trust and reliability nothing matches the government or public sector compnaies. These compnaies maybe slow and old fashioned in their day to day operations but are way too much authentic and relible than any private life insurance company in India.

There is only one government life insurance company in India and that is LIC of India. The company is being governed by life insurance law, 1956 and Government is the only stake holder in the company.

LIC of India has sovereign guarantee from the Indian government which ensure that the policyholder will be paid all their dues by the government if something oes wrong with LIC.

f you wish to get any information about how LIC operates or plan to buy life insurance from LIC of India, get in touch with our life insurance advisors.

With market share above 70% and almost 40 crore life insurance policyholders, LIC is the mos trusted brand of India.

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