atm pin reverse

ATM reverse pin number

We all have received this message in our SMS or WhatsApp that if you enter your atm pin backwards you card would be blocked and police be informed. In trouble enter atm pin in reverse and you wuld be able t save your money. This is being circulated as a atm safety tips reverse pin.

Message: Please forward to your friends and family. If you are being robbed and the robbers take you to a ATM and ask you to withdraw money from your account. If you put ATM pin in reverse, nearest police station would be informed The RBI has advised banks to make this mandatory for all ATMs.

The feature will call up nearest policy station and your card will be blocked if you put in your PIN in reverse order. For example if your PIC is 1234 and you put in 4321 as your PIN in ATM machine the card would be blocked and policy will arrive in 5 minutes

Reality check: If you put your pin in backwards does it call the police? This is fake and should not be forwarded or tried. There is no notification from banks to have this feature enabled on any ATM card.

Conclusion: It is not true and its just a atm reverse pin hoax. Entering atm pin in reverse does not do anything of this.

Do not try this. This is just a forwarded message and there is no reality in it.

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