existence certificate

Existence certificate

Existence Certificate Format

Pensioners are required to submit their Existence Certificate or Life Certificate in order to continue their pension transfers every year.

Download the LIC Life Certificate PDF


Who are required to submit the existence certificate?

The existence certificate rule: All pensioners are required to submit existence certificate. For Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana PMVVY plan it is required that a existence certificate must be submitted every five years. Since the plan is for 10 years so effectively, a pensioner has to submit the certificate once after 5 years of policy commencement.

LIC Life Certificate Form Submission – download link, last date and procedure

How to submit Existence Certificate

Pensioners are required to submit the Existence certificate in their nearest LIC branch. This can be different from their home branch. Existence certificate can be deposited at any of the LIC Gurgaon branches.

Download the Existence Certificate format and fill in the following details:

  • Your name
  • Policy number
  • Complete correspondence address
  • Sign at space provided
  • Get the form attested by either one of these Bank Branch Manager / Gazetted Officer / Registered Medical Practitioner /Post Master / School/College Principal / Class-I Officer of any Government, Semi Government, Quasi Government, Government Undertaking, Public Sector Undertaking / LIC Development Officer / LIC Agent (STAMPED ALONGWITH THEIR REGISTRATION NOS./CODE NOS./AGENCY NOS.)

Where can I submit the Existence Certificate in Gurgaon

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana

The existence certificate can be submitted at any of the LIC branches in Gurgaon. If you would like to avail the home pick up service, please call us to fix an appointment.

life certificate details

Is the Existence Certificate available for download?

Yes, you can download the Existence Certificate in PDF here.

Call us if you need to submit your LIC Life Certificate 9891420503

Leave your email id below to receive LIC Existence certificate in you email. Check out the pdf below for the existence certificate for lic annuity.

existence certificate download
Where do I submit my existence certificate?

The existence certificate can be submitted ant any nearest LIC branch, with your LIC agent or you can send it us.

When is existence certificate required?

A existence certificate is required to be submitted every 5 years for LIC annuity plans. LIC certificate of existence for pensioners must be submitted to continue receiving pension.

Who can attest a existence certificate?

A bank manager where you hold account, a class 1 gazetted officer, LIC officials and LIC agent.

How to submit LIC life existence certificate online?

Submit your email id below to get the existence certificate. You cannot submit the existence certificate online as of now. It has to be submitted at LIC branch.

What is the last date to submit the existence certificate?

The existence certificate should be submitted in the month of Nov till 30th. Still, if any pensioner fails to do so before the deadline he/she need not worry the certificate can be deposited even after the last date. There is no penalty for late deposition of the certificate, just that the pension would be put on hold and as soon as you deposit the certificate the pension will be released.

How to fill LIC annuity life certificate

The form is very simple to fill. You just need to fill in your policy number, your name, address, phone, email id and other contact details. One witness name, address and stamp need to be filled in.

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