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LIC Special Plans

  LIC Special Plans are designed keeping in ind the requirements of today’s environment. The insurance market is dynamic and fast changing and so are the plans from LIC of India. Special plans serve a special purpose along with tax saving, investment and insurance needs. LIC Special Plans Jeevan Umang (845) Cancer Cover (904) Jeevan …

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LIC Term Plans

LIC Term Plans are the most basic insurance plans where in the premium paid is very less and there is no maturity pay out. In simple terms these are pure insurance plans for defined term. Term Plans give you a very high insurance assurance sum. Wherein the family is paid a assured amount in the …

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LIC Endowment Plans

LIC Endowment Plans are the most popular insurance plans and most favored as well. The Endowment plans insure you life, and also gives you a lump sum amount on the maturity. Endowment plans have the salient features of term pan and also promises a good amount as final settlement. With Money Back Plans you do …

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LIC Money Back Plans

LIC Money Back Plans not only give you a fixed assured sum assured on the maturity of the policy but also promises intermediate payments as money back. With Money Back Plans you do not have to wait for a long period before you get to see your investment giving back returns. LIC Money Back Plans …

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LIC Pension Plans

LIC pension plan People think they will start later without realizing that all delayed investments are direct loss to them and any investment done in life will get them better results if it was done a year earlier. LIC Pension Plan helps you to save in your earning years so that your retired life is …

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LIC Child Plans

LIC Plans for Child Educated and informed parent are now exploring the LIC Child Plans to make sure their child’s future is secure. Bringing up a child is every parent’s dream. Everyone wants to give their children the best of the world. And they try out all different things to make sure their child gets the …

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Jeevan Shanti

Jeevan Shanti

Jeevan Shanti Policy explained in simple words   The latest Pension plan from LIC of India. The pension can be option either immediately or deferred (1-20 years). In case of death of the policy holder the family gets the full deposited amount.     Other Policy Benefits Loan Yes, loan is available on the Jeevan …

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Jeevan Anand

Plan : LIC Jeevan Anand (815)   Jeevan Anand Policy details with example Age: 30 years Term: 25 years D.A.B.: INR500000 Death Sum Assured: INR 625000 Basic Sum Assured: INR 500000 1st year Premium With TAX 4.5%: Yearly : 23155 (22158 + 997) Halfly : 11700 (11196 + 504) Quarterly : 5911 (5656 + 255) …

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LIC Jeevan Labh

  LIC Jeevan Labh Plan (836) – Explanation in simple words The policy has a premium holiday for 4-5 years. The premium has to be paid for a shorter term but the policy remains active for longer duration. The policy term and the premium paying term are 16/10, 21/15 and 25/16 . Wherein the first value …

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