LIC of India

Surrender before maturity

Is it good to surrender LIC policy just before 6 months to maturity

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Life insurance or term insurance

What is the Difference Between Life Insurance and Term Insurance

If you are new to the financial world and are quite confused as to what exactly is insurance, term insurance and life insurance you are at the right place. I will in very brief and a layman’s language explain you what these terms mean and why should you be very clear on these. These terms […]

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2021 guide to buy LIC plan

LIC Policy in 2021

Life insurance represents the legally-binding contract between an insured person and an insurance company. The insurer pledges to grant the insurance benefits in exchange for the regular premium paid through the insurers repurchases. The ‘financial protection’ for life insurance is offered by a standardized life cover also called sum assured. For life insurance contracts to […]

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Hope to close BPCL stake sale, LIC IPO by March: DIPAM secretary Tuhin Kanta Pandey

[ad_1] LIC initial public offer (IPO), which will be the largest ever IPO in India, is expected in March 2022.Having completed the privatisation process of Air India, the government is now focussed on completing the sale process of BPCL. It also plans to move fast on the listing of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). In an […]

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Is bad bank a good solution to bad loans? – Times of India

[ad_1] … bank and highly valued (by the stock market) is HDFC Bank, India. … it is considered to be India's most valuable brand, ahead of Amul or LIC, … [ad_2] Source link The article published is taken from a reputed news source and InsuringGurgaon has not checked its authenticity. We recommend you please check the […]

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Four more PSUs BPCL, SCI, BEML, NINL will be privatised by Q4 along with LIC IPO: DIPAM Secy – The Economic Times Video

[ad_1] Indian government expects to list state-owned Life Insurance Corp by the end of the current fiscal. DIPAM secretary Tuhin Kanta Pandey said, “We intend to do privatisation of BPCL, BEML, SCI, Neelanchal Ispat this year. The process is in the second stage.” DIPAM Secy has successfully kickstarted the Divestment Drive with Air India, what’s […]

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Insurance agent arrested for providing life cover to dead people

[ad_1] An insurance agent in Odisha, India, was arrested for allegedly providing life insurance for four people who were already dead by the time the policies were taken out. Kabiraj Behera took out 23 policies from Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and placed them in the names of four people who had died between […]

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LIC agent in Odisha insures life of dead people, fakes death certificates to raise Rs 1.8 crore – The New Indian Express

[ad_1] By Express News Service BHUBANESWAR: A Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) agent who insured lives of dead people and raised Rs 1.81 crore insurance money in their names was arrested by Economic Offences Wing (EOW) here on Thursday, October 7, 2021. Kabiraj Behera, a native of Jhadakata under Kanas police limits in Puri district, […]

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Centre won’t need to change any law for foreign participation in LIC IPO | Indiablooms

[ad_1] New Delhi/IBNS: No amendments will be necessary to any legislation to allow foreign participation in the proposed IPO of insurance giant Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), according to the media reports. Foreign partcipation in the IPO will be according to the listing rules of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and […]

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Business News | Stock and Share Market News

Business News | Stock and Share Market News

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