complete list of lic plans

Complete List of LIC’s Plans Since 1956

Anticipated Endowment – 15 years Anticipated Endowment – 20 years Anticipated Endowment – 25 years Capital Redemption Plan Children Deferred Assurance Endowment – 18 years Children Deferred Assurance Endowment – 19 years Children Deferred Assurance Endowment – 20 years Children Deferred Assurance Endowment – 21years Children Deferred Assurance Endowment – 22 years Children Deferred Assurance …

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lic medical plans

LIC Medical Plans

A medical insurance plan is a plan which makes a claim payment in case the policy holder goes through any medical problem. A medical plan is different from a mediclaim plan. A mediclaim plan takes care of your medical bills and pays claim for all medical expenses whereas a medical plan will pay you for …

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LIC Agent Gurgaon

LIC Agent

  Vikas Sharma Vikas is a seasoned LIC Agent working with a team of 6 people who are expert in life insurance. If you are looking for the best LIC agent in Gurgaon then look no further. We have been serving clients for almost 40 years now and have been retaining our clients from as …

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LIC Policy List

LIC Policy List

Here is the comprehensive list of LIC policies . LIC keep updating the policies, closing some and introducing new polices from time to time. See the latest information about the policies at the site List of Term Plans Anmol Jeevan 2 Jeevan Amamr List of Endowment Plans New Endowment (814) Jeevan Anand (815) Single Premium …

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Anmol Jeevan

  Anmol Jeevan  – Explanation in simple words The policy has a premium holiday for 4-5 years. The premium has to be paid for a shorter term but the policy remains active for longer duration. The policy term and the premium paying term are 16/10, 21/15 and 25/16 . Wherein the first value is the policy term …

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