Life insurance or term insurance

What is the Difference Between Life Insurance and Term Insurance

If you are new to the financial world and are quite confused as to what exactly is insurance, term insurance and life insurance you are at the right place. I will in very brief and a layman’s language explain you what these terms mean and why should you be very clear on these. These terms […]

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2021 guide to buy LIC plan

LIC Policy in 2021

Life insurance represents the legally-binding contract between an insured person and an insurance company. The insurer pledges to grant the insurance benefits in exchange for the regular premium paid through the insurers repurchases. The ‘financial protection’ for life insurance is offered by a standardized life cover also called sum assured. For life insurance contracts to […]

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Government life insurance company

Government Life Insurance Company

Whe it comes to trust and reliability nothing matches the government or public sector compnaies. These compnaies maybe slow and old fashioned in their day to day operations but are way too much authentic and relible than any private life insurance company in India. There is only one government life insurance company in India and […]

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Submit existence certificate in Gurugram

Existence Certificate for LIC Annuity

In the wake of the second wave of the coronavirus, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has allowed annuity holders to submit their life certificate via email. “For Annuities with return of capital options, production of life certificates is waived for annuities due up to 31.10.2021, besides accepting life certificates sent through email in […]

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LIC SIP plan


SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. The term was first introduced by mutual funds and since then it has been used for any kind of investment instruments available for Indian investors. Life insurance buyers now have an option for SIP. Which means they can buy big policies without having to invest one lump sum premium […]

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Policy for 60 plus

LIC Policy for People Above 60

Maximum Age for LIC Policy The basic thumb rule of any life insurance is that you have to pay less when you are young and the premium increase as you grow. Every year of age increase will add a few rupees to your life insurance premium. Most policies can be bought by people who are […]

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A unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP) is a type of life insurance that combines risk protection and investing. The capital market’s movements have a direct impact on the performance of ULIPs. The investment risk is normally borne by the investor in a Unit Linked Policy. ULIP investment returns are not always guaranteed. Latest NAV of LIC […]

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Dipshi Shah


DIPSI SHAH (Insurance Advisor)




15-B, Haripark Society, Nr. Pavan Party Plot, Ankur Road, Naranpura, Ahmedabad-380013


age wise lic plans

LIC Plans age wise

Buying the right LIC plan at right is age is important. Not all LIC plans are available for all age groups. The age at which you are taking a LIC plans will not only decide the premium but also will affect the maturity value, features of the policy and the cover that you can get. […]

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Gurgaon TPAs

List of TPAs in Gurgaon for Medical Tests

LIC Medical TPA Centers in Gurgaon Hospital Name Address Phone 1 Ahooja Eye & Dental Institute 560 / 1, Dayanand Colony, Gurgaon Haryana 122001 0124 – 2321234. 2 Alchemist Institute Of Medical Sciences. Golf Course Road, Gurgaon Haryana 122002 0124 – 4511111. 3 Alps Hospital Limited. Block-B, Sushant Lok Gurgaon Haryana 122001 0124 – 6623000. […]

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