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LIC Jeevan Pramaan Patra

LIC Jeevan Pramaan Patra

LIC pension plans are a great way to secure your retired life. People in their golden period need money and after all their life it becomes very difficult for them to ask someone for financial help. A important part of financial planning is planning for your retired life. Small savings over a period of long […]

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Child insurance plans

Top LIC Child Life Insurance Plans

What do you want to be when you grow up? The child answers, “Audiologist”. Children these days are exploring newer dimensions when it comes to pursuing their dreams. They are not limited to doctor, engineer, pilot as the situation used to be till a few years back. Children plans are similar to regular policies but […]

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Gurgaon PIN codes

List of postal codes of Gurgaon – ready reference PIN codes

Post offices codes for Gurgaon. PIN code stands for Postal Index Number code the code is given to all post offices. The PIN code helps people and parcels reach their destination fast. Looking at the codes the postal department can figure out where exactly would the area be its state, city and area. We have […]

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cost of life insurance

What is a LIC Policy? How much does it cost?

LIC policy is a life insurance plan that ensures your family’s financial freedom in the case something happens to the earning member of the family. As they say a life insurance plans cannot stop any unfortunate event from happening but will be your support if it happens. LIC policy is the will that you create […]

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loan on lic policy

How to apply for LIC Loan Online

LIC of India is committed towards making its policyholder’s life easy by making the finances available easily for them. All life insurance policy holders can now avail the loan against their insurance policies. The facility is provided to the people by LIC of India keeping the increasing demand of liquid cash from the policy holders. […]

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policy status online

How to check LIC policy status

A policy holder can any time inquire about the current status of his or her policy online, over the phone or by visiting a LIC of India branch office. It is very simple and fast to know check the status with just your policy number. The policy number is the only information you would need […]

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Download LIC Agent Visiting Card. Request for a FREE visiting card

LIC visiting card designing ideas. Visiting card designs for insurance advisors or LIC agents. Business cards are your first impression on the client. specially whe you are visitng them for the first time. People still want to have a look at your visiting card when they start the meeting. People may not keep the visiting […]

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LIC term plan 1 crore

Why Everyone is Selling One crore term plan?

Am sure you must have seen ads for life insurance term plan on TV, social media, road side banner. Ever wondered why all companies want to propose a 1 crore term plan?  What is this fascination with 1 crore or is it us who want to see only 1 crore plans nothing more nothing less. […]

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Ask your insurance agent

Questions you need to ask your life insurance agent

Life insurance is a term which is crucial and also very important for an individual to buy. Your future is secure if you have your life insurance as it will be with you forever and ever. It looks after you financially in every condition. Your future goals are in secure hands if you register yourself […]

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Pension plans

Do you need pension?

WHAT IS PENSION? In simple term, pension is a type of plan which is generally done after your retirement that provides monthly income in your retirement period. It is also a type of fund which is given after retirement to the person on monthly basis. It gives you a guaranteed amount of monthly income in […]

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