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Save 444 per day for 16 years and get 1 crore

Every body wants to be rich and accumulate a huge wealth for himself and his family. It is just not possible to be come a crore pati overnight, one has to plan in advance and work towards it for a long period of time. LIC of India has come up with a new plan for a systematic saving to achieve your dream wealth. Along with the huge wealth that you will be accumulation you are also provided with 80 lakhs of insurance for the entire insurance term.

The newly introduced Jeevan Labh plan from LIC has longer term of insurance with option of paying for just few years. The plan comes with 3 pre defined payment terms.

  1. Pay for 10 years, get insured for 16 years
  2. Pay for 15 years, get insured for 21 years
  3. Pay for 16 years, get insured for 25 years

The plan can be taken by anyone between 8 to 59 years of age for a minimum of 2,00,00 sum assured, there is no limit on the maximum insurance cover.

save 444 per day become crorepati

In the Jeevan Labh plan if you save just 444 per day for 16 years you will be getting INR 1,00,00,000 (Rupees one crore) at the end of 25 years, though the payment is limited to only 16 years the insurance cover remain for 25 years. Get all the plan details at the link Jeevan Labh.

Leave a comment below if you would like to understand the planand want to buy if to ecure your future finance needs.

Vikas is the founder of - an LIC life insurance agency based in Gurgaon. He has a experience of 16 years and is working with professionals, corporate and HNIs for their LIC services needs. Vikas is a MBA in marketing from Symbiosis, Pune and has a experience of 15 years working with companies at various levels. Vikas can be reached at 9891420503 and [email protected]

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