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Questions you need to ask your life insurance agent

Life insurance is a term which is crucial and also very important for an individual to buy. Your future is secure if you have your life insurance as it will be with you forever and ever. It looks after you financially in every condition.

Your future goals are in secure hands if you register yourself for life insurance, it also remains after your mishappening.

Now, whenever you see something or want to buy something, there are always some of the major questions which pops up into your mind though it is natural but when we go through a life insurance then there are surely many questions which arises.

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We need to discuss those questions which one must need to ask their life insurance agent before buying so as to clear all their doubts and problems which you have been facing while knowing about the life insurance; since it is for lifetime, thus it is a matter of seriousness that one must go through these questions with your life insurance agent.

Now, these are some crucial questions you should always ask a life insurance agent which are being as mentioned bellow-

  1. Can you explain me life insurance briefly?
  2. How do you determine my needs?
  3. What extras do I get with the policy?
  4. How do you make money?
  5. Are you an independent or captive agent?
  6. How the death benefit works?
  7. Are their circumstances where benefits are not paid?

The answer for each question will help you decide on the purchase of the life insurance plan. Life insurance is a legal contract which has certain rules fixed by the governing authorities and are legally bound on the insurer and the insurance taker.

Thus, these are some of the most common questions one can ask to a life insurance agent to get their doubts clear about their buying of life insurance.

Vikas is the founder of - an LIC life insurance agency based in Gurgaon. He has a experience of 16 years and is working with professionals, corporate and HNIs for their LIC services needs. Vikas is a MBA in marketing from Symbiosis, Pune and has a experience of 15 years working with companies at various levels. Vikas can be reached at 9891420503 and [email protected]

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