Gurgaon PIN codes

List of postal codes of Gurgaon – ready reference PIN codes

Post offices codes for Gurgaon. PIN code stands for Postal Index Number code the code is given to all post offices. The PIN code helps people and parcels reach their destination fast. Looking at the codes the postal department can figure out where exactly would the area be its state, city and area.

We have compiled the PIN codes for Gurgaon sectors and area. The list also has some phone numbers for post offices. Gurugram postal codes can be really useful specially when you are moving in to a new location or want to send a parcel, speed post to someone. A correct PIN codes improves your chances of getting the parcel delivered to the right person. There can be two or more cities with same name but there cannot be two cities to have same PIN codes. PIN code is the way the post office recognizes the address.

Some India cities that have same name but different state / location.

There are many cities in India that have same name and different location. Many cities are popular ones and others in different states are not so popular but share the same name.

City with same names
1.SecunderabadAndhra Pradesh
2. SecunderabadUttar Pradesh
6.BilaspurHimachal Pradesh
8.ChambaHimachal Pradesh
DurgapurWest Bengal
FatehabadUttar Pradesh
FatehabadMadhya Pradesh
IslampurWest Bengal
KahargpurWest Bengal
KotaUttar Pradesh
UdaipurHimachal Pradesh

Gurgaon Area postal PIN codes with Post Office telephone number

Area NamePIN CodeStatePost Office Tel. No.
Ahrod B.O123102HARYANANA
Air Force S.O122005HARYANA0124-2340364
Akbarpur B.O123023HARYANANA
Akhera B.O122107HARYANANA
Akoda B.O123029HARYANANA
Arjun Nagar S.O122001HARYANA0124-2322258
Asalwas B.O123501HARYANANA
Asiaki Gorawas B.O123035HARYANANA
Azamabad Mukhota B.O123001HARYANANA
B B Ashram B.O123401HARYANANA
Bachhod B.O123021HARYANANA
Bachhod B.O123023HARYANANA
Baded B.O122508HARYANANA
Badhrana B.O123412HARYANANA
Badli B.O122508HARYANANA
Badshahpur S.O122101HARYANA0124-2361225
Bagahod B.O123021HARYANANA
Baghanki B.O122105HARYANANA
Baghot B.O123027HARYANANA
Baghthala B.O123501HARYANANA
Bairawas B.O123028HARYANANA
Baldhan Kalan B.O123411HARYANANA
Balwari B.O123103HARYANANA
Banipur B.O123501HARYANANA
Barda B.O123024HARYANANA
Barkoda B.O123001HARYANANA
Basai B.O122006HARYANANA
Basai B.O123029HARYANANA
Basai Road S.O122001HARYANA0124-2220686
Basbatori B.O123101HARYANANA
Basduda B.O123102HARYANANA
Bashirpur B.O123001HARYANANA
Baslambi B.O122503HARYANANA
Baspadamka B.O122503HARYANANA
Bawal S.O123501HARYANA01284-260021
Bawana B.O123029HARYANANA
Bawania S.O123034HARYANA01285-232238
Bawwa B.O123303HARYANANA
Bayal B.O123023HARYANANA
Behali B.O123021HARYANANA
Bewal B.O123021HARYANANA
Bewan B.O122104HARYANANA
Bhadas B.O122108HARYANANA
Bhakli B.O123302HARYANANA
Bhangrola B.O122505HARYANANA
Bharaf B.O123027HARYANANA
Bhatsana B.O123106HARYANANA
Bhirauti B.O122103HARYANANA
Bhocharia B.O123021HARYANANA
Bhojawas B.O123034HARYANANA
Bhondsi S.O122102HARYANA0124-2267204
Bhorakalan S.O122413HARYANA0124-2379300
Bhotwas Ahir B.O123101HARYANANA
Bhucholi B.O123034HARYANANA
Bhungerka B.O123023HARYANANA
Bhushan Kalan B.O123001HARYANANA
Bichhor B.O122508HARYANANA
Bikaner B.O123401HARYANANA
Bilaspur Khurd B.O122413HARYANANA
Bisowa B.O123303HARYANANA
Bisru B.O122508HARYANANA
Bithwana B.O123401HARYANANA
Bocharia B.O123021HARYANANA
Boria Kamalpur B.O123401HARYANANA
Budarpur B.O122108HARYANANA
Buddin B.O123029HARYANANA
Budhera B.O122505HARYANANA
Budhpur B.O123401HARYANANA
Budhwal B.O123023HARYANANA
Buroli B.O123411HARYANANA
Burthala B.O123302HARYANANA
Carterpuri B.O122017HARYANANA
Chakkarpur B.O122002HARYANANA
Chapera B.O122103HARYANANA
Cheelarh B.O122502HARYANANA
Chillro B.O123001HARYANANA
Chita Dungra B.O123102HARYANANA
Chitrauli B.O123027HARYANANA
Dahina S.O123411HARYANA01281-248634
Dakhora B.O123411HARYANANA
Dalanwas B.O123024HARYANANA
Damdama B.O122102HARYANANA
Daroli Ahir B.O123028HARYANANA
Daroli B.O123411HARYANANA
Daulah B.O122103HARYANANA
Daultabad B.O122006HARYANANA
Dehlawas Gulabpur B.O123401HARYANANA
Dewas B.O123034HARYANANA
Dhadhot B.O123029HARYANANA
Dhana B.O123034HARYANANA
Dhanaunda B.O123027HARYANANA
Dhani Chitarsain B.O122413HARYANANA
Dhankot B.O122505HARYANANA
Dhanota B.O123001HARYANANA
Dharan S.O123412HARYANA01284-267630
Dharson B.O123001HARYANANA
Dharuhera S.O123106HARYANA01274-242221
Dhawana B.O123103HARYANANA
Dholera B.O123023HARYANANA
Dhor Kalan B.O123001HARYANANA
Digrota B.O123024HARYANANA
DLF Ph-II S.O122008HARYANA0124-2561135
DLF Ph-III S.O122010HARYANA0124-2561135
DLF QE S.O122002HARYANA0124-2561135
Dochana B.O123001HARYANANA
Dongra Ahir B.O123021HARYANANA
Dublana B.O123001HARYANANA
Dulana B.O123029HARYANANA
Dulat Jat B.O123021HARYANANA
Dulawat B.O122105HARYANANA
Dulot Ahir B.O123029HARYANANA
Dundahera B.O122016HARYANANA
Dunderwas B.O123106HARYANANA
Dungerwas B.O123106HARYANANA
Farrukh Nagar S.O122506HARYANA0124-2375229
Fazilpur B.O122101HARYANANA
Ferozepur Jhirka S.O122104HARYANA01268-277229
Ferozepur Namak B.O122107HARYANANA
Galleria DLF-IV S.O122009HARYANA0124-2577166
Ganiar B.O123021HARYANANA
Garhi B.O123021HARYANANA
Garhi Bolni B.O123401HARYANANA
Garhi Harsaru S.O122505HARYANA0124-2276528
Ghamroj B.O122102HARYANANA
Ghasera B.O122103HARYANANA
Ghungola B.O122103HARYANANA
Gokal Bazar Rewari S.O123401HARYANA01274-225106
Gokalgarh B.O123401HARYANANA
Gokalpur B.O123021HARYANANA
Golwa B.O123023HARYANANA
Gothra B.O123102HARYANANA
Gothra B.O123411HARYANANA
Gugodh B.O123302HARYANANA
Gujar Majra B.O123501HARYANANA
Gujarwas B.O123021HARYANANA
Gulalta B.O122508HARYANANA
Guraora B.O123035HARYANANA
Gurgaon H.O122001HARYANA0124-2320392
Gurgaon Kty. S.O122001HARYANA0124-2320331
Gurgaon Sector 17 S.O122001HARYANA01242-2342382
Gurgaon Sector 45 S.O122003HARYANA0124-2580870
Gurgaon Sector 56 S.O122011HARYANA0124-2570470
Gurgaon South City I S.O122001HARYANA0124-2217181
Gurgaon South City II S.O122018HARYANA0124-2217181
Gurgaon Village B.O122006HARYANANA
Gurha B.O123027HARYANANA
Guriani S.O123301HARYANA01281-232216
Gwal Pahari B.O122003HARYANANA
Haillymandi S.O122504HARYANA0124-2670544
Hamidpur B.O123001HARYANANA
Hasanpur B.O122105HARYANANA
Hirwari B.O122104HARYANANA
Hudina B.O123001HARYANANA
IMT Manesar S.O122052HARYANANA
Inchhapuri B.O122414HARYANANA
Indir Mewat B.O122103HARYANANA
Industrial Area Dharuhera S.O123110HARYANA01274-244321
Industrial Complex Dundahera S.O122016HARYANA0124-2340064
Industrial Estate S.O (Gurgaon)122007HARYANA024-2321169
Jagat B.O122502HARYANANA
Jaisinghpur Khera B.O123501HARYANANA
Jaitpur B.O122502HARYANANA
Jakhala B.O123301HARYANANA
Jamalgarh B.O122508HARYANANA
Jamalpur B.O122503HARYANANA
Janaula B.O122503HARYANANA
Jarwa B.O123024HARYANANA
Jataula B.O122504HARYANANA
Jatauli B.O122504HARYANANA
Jatusa R.S. B.O123401HARYANANA
Jawasi B.O122105HARYANANA
Jhabuwa B.O123501HARYANANA
Jhagroli B.O123034HARYANANA
Jhamuwas B.O122105HARYANANA
Jharoda B.O123303HARYANANA
Jharsa B.O122003HARYANANA
Jholri B.O123303HARYANANA
Jhook B.O123029HARYANANA
Juddi B.O123302HARYANANA
Kadipur B.O122101HARYANANA
Kakoria B.O122502HARYANANA
Kakrola B.O123027HARYANANA
Kalwari B.O122105HARYANANA
Kamania B.O123001HARYANANA
Kanina Mandi B.O123027HARYANANA
Kanina S.O123027HARYANA01285-235121
Kankarwali Rewari S.O123401HARYANA01274-220144
Kannaura B.O123035HARYANANA
Kanti B.O123021HARYANANA
Kanti Kheri B.O123021HARYANANA
Kanwali B.O123411HARYANANA
Kanwi B.O123001HARYANANA
Karawara B.O123035HARYANANA
Karnawas B.O123302HARYANANA
Karnawas B.O123401HARYANANA
Karola B.O122504HARYANANA
Karoli B.O123303HARYANANA
Karota B.O123001HARYANANA
Kasan B.O122051HARYANANA
Khaleta B.O123103HARYANANA
Khalilpur S.O122502HARYANA0124-2270121
Khandewia B.O122504HARYANANA
Khandora B.O123401HARYANANA
Khandsa B.O122004HARYANANA
Khandsa Road S.O122001HARYANA0124-2301414
Kharkhara B.O123106HARYANANA
Khatauli B.O122414HARYANANA
Khatod B.O123029HARYANANA
Khera Khurampur B.O122506HARYANANA
Kheri B.O123027HARYANANA
Kherki Daula B.O122004HARYANANA
Kherla B.O122102HARYANANA
KherliLala B.O122103HARYANANA
Khol S.O123103HARYANA01281-244634
Khori S.O123101HARYANA01281-236237
Khudana B.O123029HARYANANA
Kiranj B.O122103HARYANANA
Kohrar B.O123303HARYANANA
Kolana B.O123102HARYANANA
Koriawas B.O123001HARYANANA
Kosli R S B.O123302HARYANANA
Kosli S.O123302HARYANA01259-275037
Kothal Khurd B.O123028HARYANANA
Kotia B.O123027HARYANANA
Krishan Nagar B.O123001HARYANANA
Kultazpur B.O123001HARYANANA
Kund S.O123102HARYANA01281-244636
Kurawata B.O123029HARYANANA
Kurthala B.O122107HARYANANA
Lakhnaula B.O122004HARYANANA
Lawan B.O123029HARYANANA
Lilodh B.O123303HARYANANA
Lisan B.O123411HARYANANA
Lohinga Kalan B.O122508HARYANANA
Lokra B.O122414HARYANANA
Lookhi B.O123303HARYANANA
Lula Ahir B.O123302HARYANANA
Madhana Kalan B.O123001HARYANANA
Madhogarh B.O123024HARYANANA
Maheshwari B.O123106HARYANANA
Majra Gurdas B.O123401HARYANANA
Majra Sheoraj B.O123401HARYANANA
Malab B.O122107HARYANANA
Mamaria Ahir B.O123101HARYANANA
Mandi Ateli S.O123021HARYANA01282-276517
Mandi B.O123001HARYANANA
Mandikhera B.O122108HARYANANA
Mandola B.O123029HARYANANA
Mandola B.O123103HARYANANA
Manesar B.O122051HARYANANA
Mankdola B.O122505HARYANANA
Maruthi Kunj B.O122102HARYANANA
Masani B.O123106HARYANANA
Mastapur B.O123401HARYANANA
Mayan B.O123103HARYANANA
Mehchana B.O122504HARYANANA
Mini Sectt. S.O122001HARYANA0124-2320872
Mini Sectt.Narnaul S.O123001HARYANA01282-255809
Mirpur B.O122502HARYANANA
Model Town  Rewari S.O123401HARYANA01274-225105
Mohamadpur Ahir B.O122105HARYANANA
Mohanpur B.O123401HARYANANA
Mohindergarh S.O123029HARYANA01285-220222
Moklawas B.O122413HARYANANA
Moolthan B.O122108HARYANANA
Motla Kalan B.O123411HARYANANA
Mundi B.O123411HARYANANA
Musepur B.O123401HARYANANA
Nagal Nunia B.O123023HARYANANA
Nagina S.O (Gurgaon)122108HARYANA01268-273222
Nahar S.O123303HARYANA01259-271634
Naheda B.O122508HARYANANA
Naichana B.O123501HARYANANA
Nand Rampurbass B.O123106HARYANANA
Nangal B.O123501HARYANANA
Nangal Chaudhry S.O123023HARYANA01282-278297
Nangal Dargu B.O123023HARYANANA
Nangal Jamalpur B.O123102HARYANANA
Nangal Katha B.O123001HARYANANA
Nangal Pathani B.O123401HARYANANA
Nangal Shahbazpur B.O123501HARYANANA
Nangal Sirohi S.O123028HARYANA01282-246368
Nangal Teju B.O123501HARYANANA
Nangalmala B.O123024HARYANANA
Nangli Godha B.O123401HARYANANA
Nanukalan S.O122414HARYANA0124-2318246
Narhera B.O122503HARYANANA
Narnaul City S.O123001HARYANA01282-251924
Narnaul H.O123001HARYANA01282-251924
Narnaul Kty. S.O123001HARYANA01282-250331
Narsinghpur S.O122004HARYANA0124-2210202
Nathupur B.O122002HARYANANA
Nautana B.O123027HARYANANA
Nawan B.O123024HARYANANA
Nayagaon B.O123303HARYANANA
Neerpur B.O123001HARYANANA
Nehrugarh B.O123303HARYANANA
New Anaz Mandi Rewari S.O123401HARYANA01274-223775
New Colony S.O (Gurgaon)122001HARYANA0124-2322025
Niamatpur B.O123023HARYANANA
Nihalawas B.O123028HARYANANA
Nimbi B.O123029HARYANANA
Nimoth B.O123411HARYANANA
Nizampur R.S. B.O123001HARYANANA
Noorgarh B.O122504HARYANANA
Nsg Camp Manesar S.O122051HARYANA0124-2337273
Nuh S.O122107HARYANA01267-271204
Pachgaon B.O122413HARYANANA
Pahari B.O122502HARYANANA
Palam Road S.O122015HARYANA0124-2340371
Palam Vihar S.O (Gurgaon)122017HARYANA0124-2320818
Palhawas S.O123035HARYANA01274-251941
Palri Panihara B.O123029HARYANANA
Paltra B.O122101HARYANANA
Pataudi S.O122503HARYANA0124-2672636
Pathera B.O123034HARYANANA
Patherwa B.O123024HARYANANA
Pathreri B.O122413HARYANANA
Patil R.S. B.O122506HARYANANA
Pingwan B.O122508HARYANANA
Pithrawas B.O123101HARYANANA
Pranpura B.O123501HARYANANA
Punhana S.O122508HARYANA01268-272239
Punsika B.O123101HARYANANA
Railwary Road S.O122006HARYANA0124-2320818
Raisina B.O122102HARYANANA
Rajgarh B.O123412HARYANANA
Raliawas B.O123106HARYANANA
Rambas B.O123027HARYANANA
Ramgarh B.O122502HARYANANA
Rampuri B.O123411HARYANANA
Rasoolpur B.O123027HARYANANA
Rathiwas B.O122105HARYANANA
Rattan Kalan B.O123021HARYANANA
Rattanthal B.O123301HARYANANA
Rawli B.O122104HARYANANA
Rethath B.O122508HARYANANA
Rewari S.O123401HARYANA0124-256167
Rewasan B.O122103HARYANANA
Rithoj B.O122102HARYANANA
Rohrai B.O123401HARYANANA
Rojka Meo B.O122103HARYANANA
Sadat Nagar B.O123302HARYANANA
Saharanwas B.O123401HARYANANA
Sakras B.O122108HARYANANA
Sangwari B.O123401HARYANANA
Sarai Bahadur B.O123021HARYANANA
Sareli B.O123023HARYANANA
Sarhaul B.O122015HARYANANA
Satnali S.O123024HARYANA01285-231429
Sehlong B.O123027HARYANANA
Sehma B.O123028HARYANANA
Sewari B.O122506HARYANANA
Shahchokha B.O122508HARYANANA
Sherpur B.O122502HARYANANA
Shivaji Nagar S.O (Gurgaon)122001HARYANA01282-2320890
Shyam Nagar B.O123302HARYANANA
Shyampura B.O123024HARYANANA
Siana B.O123027HARYANANA
Sidhrawali B.O122413HARYANANA
Sihore B.O123027HARYANANA
Sihri Singhalheri B.O122508HARYANANA
Sikanderpur B.O122004HARYANANA
Sikohpur B.O122004HARYANANA
Sikrawa B.O122508HARYANANA
Singar B.O122508HARYANANA
Sirohi Behali B.O123023HARYANANA
Smaspur B.O122003HARYANANA
Sohna Adda S.O122001HARYANA0124-2330113
Sohna S.O122103HARYANA0124-2362229
Sudaka B.O122107HARYANANA
Sulkha B.O123401HARYANANA
Sultanpur B.O122506HARYANANA
Sundh B.O122105HARYANANA
Sundrah B.O123034HARYANANA
Surethi B.O123302HARYANANA
Sureti Kalan B.O123024HARYANANA
Suthana B.O123501HARYANANA
Syed Shahpur B.O122414HARYANANA
Tajpur B.O123021HARYANANA
Tankri B.O123412HARYANANA
Tapkan B.O122107HARYANANA
Tatarpur B.O122502HARYANANA
Tauru Extension Counter S.O122105HARYANA01267-282244
Tauru S.O122105HARYANA01267-282244
Teekli B.O122101HARYANANA
Tehsil Road Rewari S.O123401HARYANA01274-255144
Thanwas B.O123023HARYANANA
Tumna B.O123302HARYANANA
Turkiawas B.O122502HARYANANA
Ujina B.O122107HARYANANA
Unchamajra B.O122503HARYANANA
Urban Estate S.O (Gurgaon)122001HARYANA0124-2322253
Wazipur B.O122505HARYANANA
Wazirabad B.O122003HARYANANA
Zainabad B.O123411HARYANANA

Gurgaon Sectors, Societies, PIN Codes

AreaPIN Code
  Begampur Khatola122001
  Dlf City Phase 4122001
  Golf Course122001
  Hero Honda Chowk122001
  Jalvayu Towers122001
  Jharsa Village122001
  Kapashera Border122001
  Rajiv Chowk122002
  Sector 16122001
  Sector 41122001
  Sector 46122001
  Sector 47122001
  Sector 66122102
  Sector 83122004
  Sector 85122004
  Sector 89122004
  Sector 9122001
  Sector 92122505
  Shankar Chowk122022
  Udyog Vihar Phase 4122022
  Udyog Vihar Phase 5122022
  Uppal Southend122018
West Rajiv Nagar122022
Ashok Vihar
 Cyber City122002
 Dlf Phase 2122022
 Dlf Phase 3
 Dlf Phase 4122022
 Hero Honda Chowk122022
 Iffco Chowk122002
 Imt Manesar
 In Subhash Nagar
 Laxman Vihar
 New Palam Vihar
 Palam Vihar
 Patel Nagar
 Phase 1
 Phase 3
 Phase 4
 Rajendra Nagar
 Rajiv Chowk
 Rajiv Nagar
 Sec 21
 Sec 39
 Sec 5
 Sec 51
 Sec 62
 Sec 64
 Sec 66
 Sec 75
 Sec 83
 Sec 85
 Sec 9
 Sector 10
 Sector 10A
 Sector 12
 Sector 13
 Sector 14
 Sector 15
 Sector 17
 Sector 18
 Sector 21
 Sector 22
 Sector 23
 Sector 23A
 Sector 24
 Sector 25
 Sector 28
 Sector 29
 Sector 30
 Sector 31
 Sector 32
 Sector 33
 Sector 34
 Sector 37
 Sector 38
 Sector 39
 Sector 4
 Sector 40
 Sector 43
 Sector 44
 Sector 45
 Sector 46
 Sector 47
 Sector 48
 Sector 49
 Sector 50
 Sector 51
 Sector 52
 Sector 53
 Sector 54
 Sector 55
 Sector 56
 Sector 57
 Sector 62
 Sector 65
 Sector 67
 Sector 7
 Sector 8
 Sector 9
 Shanti Nagar
 Sohna Road
 South City 1
 Sushant Lok-1
 U Block
 Udyog Vihar
 Udyog Vihar Phase 1
 Udyog Vihar Phase 2
 Udyog Vihar Phase 3
 Udyog Vihar Phase 4
 Udyog Vihar Phase 5
Basai Enclave
Dlf Phase 4

Disclaimer: The data has been taken from Indian Post website and InsuringGurgaon does NOT guarantee the correctness of the data. Also the PIN codes can be altered anytime by Indian Post. Please visit Indian Post website to check out the latest PIN codes.

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