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Mohali MC adopts UT method of house numbers in rural areas | Chandigarh News – 2021-07-23 23:26:15


Mohali: With a view to give proper identification to houses in villages, the municipal corporation (MC) is set to adopt house number and lane number system in rural areas under its limits. The system is already there in many sectors.
The civic body has already completed a survey regarding implementation of the project and has decided to start it from Madanpura village.
Deputy mayor Kuljit Singh Bedi said, “We had noticed that houses in villages did not have proper identification or address, making it difficult for a person coming from outside to locate the house. Also, this numbering system will help in smart city concept in future. We have decided to give numbers to houses in villages and will start the project from Madanpura.”
He said at present, house numbering is either based upon the name of the owner or is done in a haphazard manner. The MC will simplify it, as followed in Chandigarh. Bedi said, “We will also try to give proper lane numbers along with house numbers somewhat on the pattern of Chandigarh, so that locating a house in a village will be easier.”
However, the project has drawn criticism from villagers as from the past decades the address system continues to be primitive as villagers are habitual of locating a house based upon the owner or family name.
Secondly, the houses at present have addresses registered on Aadhaar card and MC might find it difficult and laborious to get the addresses modified on Aadhaar cards of the villagers. Jagdev Singh, resident of Madanpura, said, “We already have a house number from the time of my great grandfather around 80 years ago. And now, the MC has decided to give new numbers to houses. This will cause difficulties.”


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