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LIC Agent

This page is for people who are looking for LIC agents. If you are interested in knowing “how to become a LIC agent“, click here.

Who is an LIC agent?

LIC agent is a certified and registered life insurance advisor with LIC of India who advise his clients on various life insurance products and helps them buy the desired LIC policy. He would have a agent code. He does not get any salary from LIC, his commissions are his income.


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How to choose a good LIC advisor?

Choosing a good life insurance agent isn’t a easy task and need some basic understanding of the insurance as a whole. One has to understand that a LIC Agent earns his commissions on the sales that he / she makes and hence it is a must that you must contact a good informed agent who works with you to understand your needs and offer you the best product that suits you instead of something that just gets the biggest commission.

What is the work of LIC Advisor?

A LIC advisor will understand your financial and insurance needs and make a plan that helps in achieving those goals. Once the requirements are finalized he must then look out for best products that would be as per the plan.

The advisor helps in submitting the insurance request for to the LIC branch. He is expected to clearly state all the rules and features of the plans and get the right information filled in. Though one can always buy LIC policy online without LIC agent but it requires a in depth analysis and knowledge of products. He is a official LIC representative to help with LIC services.

Once the policy has been issued, you can get in touch with him to get your contact details updated, inform about changes in rules and also intimate from time to time the new plans being introduced.

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Is there any license required to be a LIC Agent?

Yes, a IRDA license is required to be able to work with LIC as an agent which can be achieved only after writing a Insurance agent exam . IRDA has assigned the task of conducting online exams to Insurance institute of India.

Once the IRDA examination is cleared the person has to apply with LIC branch and get himself registered at the branch to get a LIC agent’s code.

LIC Registration, IRDA site

Are you looking for an LIC agent in Gurgaon?

Can we buy LIC policy without LIC agent?

Yes, you can buy policies without the help of a LIC agent but NOT all policies are available online. You can buy e-term, term policy, Jeevan Shanti, etc. policies online.

I am looking for a LIC agent in Gurgaon

You can contact us or call us at 9891420503. We are serving LIC clients in Gurgaon.

How do I check LIC agent code?

You can always ask the LIC agent to show his code and the code can be verified from any LIC branch. To locate a LIC branch visit here.

How much commission does LIC agent get?

The commission of policies varies from policy to policy. The commission is different for different policy terms. A agent usually gets 2% to 25% commission on first year premium. There are additional commissions as well like yearly bonus and renewal commission. Comment below your policy number and term and we would let you know the exact commission the agent would be getting. The LIC agent commission chart for 2020 is given here.

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