importance of term insurance

Why you need term life insurance

Term insurance is a type of life insurance policy which provides coverage over a certain span of duration or can also be for specified time. If in case, the person who is insured dies due to some reason during the time period mentioned in the policy and also the policy is active, then a death benefit will be paid to insured family.

Term insurance is basically a type of life insurance which is offered by an insurance company. Term insurance is one of the most popular type of life insurance, additionally this term insurance comes with a death benefit in case of death of policy holder.

It is also popular as pure life insurance policy; this insurance can also be renewed annually and will be good for the usage. It does not take much effort to fill the form and will be beneficial all your life.

The term insurance gives major policies and features they provide in policy are as given below

  1. Pure protection plan
  2. They are available at affordable premium
  3. It provides financial security to your family
  4. Claim settlement ratio

The above points thus contribute to make term insurance. This not only look after the financial support but also fulfills future needs such as your child’s education, child’s marriage, child’s dream etc.

These are some of the major aspects of parents responsibility which has to be fulfilled anyhow, so company have provided term insurance which will help all parents for the future growth of their child whether its marriage, education or anything related to him/her or his/her family all lifetime.


Term insurance policy is very important and crucial for every individual to make their life and family secure in his/her future. Every policy holder urges for benefits in whatever company he/she is investing so given below are some of the very major beneficial points which every individual aspire to have in their term insurance policy they are opting for.

The different benefits that can be gained from term insurance are as given below-

  • safety for loans and liabilities
  • cover critical illness
  • higher sum assured at affordable premiums
  • tax benefits
  • support in the case of disability
  • add-on protection


There are several different types of term insurance available in market which are as given below-

  1. standard term insurance plans
  2. term return of premium (TROP) plans
  3. group term insurance plans
  4. term insurance plans by number of years
  5. decreasing and increasing term insurance plans
  6. single life and joint life term insurance plans
  7. offline and online term insurance plans

Thus, term insurance is very crucial to maintain your life till future and keep it secure until your death.

So, it’s my humble request to every person who is reading must register themselves in term insurance policy for their better growth in life and also to secure their child’s education and child’s life. It does not deceive you at any cost and stays together.

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