Human Life Value HLV

Human Life Value (HLV)

Human life value approach

Human life value approach is a rule r technique that the life insurers follow across the world to calculate the exact life insurance one needs. Since life insurance is expected to make up for the financial losses that the family has to go through in case of untimely death of the earning member, this approach helps people calculate the exact financial help their family would need in case of any misfortune happening..

Human life value calculation

As a thumb rule the human life value is calculating the annual income of a person and then multiplying it by 10 to 15. Also you need to take care of all the liabilities like loans, existing savings and

Human life value calculator

Annual income X 10 = Human Life Value

Human Life Value calculator. Simple formula to calculate your life value and the insurance you need.
Formula to calculate HLV

What’s your HLV

A lot of other things decides the exact HLV and it is not possible to have a same formula for all. The best way is to meet with an insurance adviser and work together to get the HLV calculated.

Remember a lower HLV and insurance will be of no use to your family and a higher HLV may get you in even more trouble.

Cut the guess work, meet LIC Advisor.

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