regular money back with jeevan umang

Assured return plan that will not be available after 31 Jan

Whenever I ask a client what’s their requirement is they would respond that they want good returns, do not want to invest much, want a small term. I wish there were any such plans available anywhere in world. Investment is like making your money work do you, sonic you put you get returns, and if you put in more money you get better results and vice versa.

Another most simple principal of investment is the longer you let your money work the better returns you get. 25000 invested for a year can get you 6 percent return.  but 25000 invested once can give you even 20 percent return if invested fir more than 15 years. Simple.

Coming back to the ideal investment that everyone is looking for. LIC of India has been introducing many plans from time to time ad per the investors requirement. One plan that is also the star performer or you can say one of the top 3 plans being sold by LIC is Jeevan Umang.

What’s unique about Jeevan Umang?

Jeevan Umang is a 100 year insurance and pension plan that comes with a very small term of investment. It’s almost magically to imagine that you get 2 lakh annually for life by investing just 15 lakhs that too not in one go but over a period of 15 years. 
My requirement is returns plus longest term of insurance.

Jeevan Umang does exactly that for you. The 2 requirements are inbuilt in the plan along with the flexible ikity of getting the lump sum amount anytime. There is no lock in period in Jeevan Umang after the policy term.

Though there is no other investment plan that gives out 8 present returns but still.if you find one you can only hope for it to give you the returns only for a short duration but Jeevan Umang assured the returns at 8 percent for a long term.

A unique 100 year insurance plan with annual money backs

The best part of the returns you get is that no matter which tax bracket or slab you fall in there is no tax om the returns. Income tax section 10.10.d makes all returns from the plan absolutely tax free. 

What will change after 31 Jan, 2019

The plan would be stopped for sale from 31 Jan, so if you are looking for the “best LIC plan”, Jeevan Umang is your only option. 

Give us a missed call or leave your number below to understand the plan and invest. 

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