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Top LIC Child Life Insurance Plans

What do you want to be when you grow up? The child answers, “Audiologist”. Children these days are exploring newer dimensions when it comes to pursuing their dreams. They are not limited to doctor, engineer, pilot as the situation used to be till a few years back. Children plans are similar to regular policies but are more focused on welfare of children.

If you are also worried about your child’s future then it’s time to get next now because you are in the right place in this post you will get all the information that you must be known LIC child life insurance plans. Child plans are a great way to be sure of your child’s future.

If you want to take an insurance policy for the future of your child and you are confused about which policy to take then you are in the right place here you will get all the information regarding it so without wasting time let’s get started. Also you may ant to read our post on Child Life Insurance Plans after this post.

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Why LIC child life insurance plans are important

In this 21st century, it is very important to secure the future of your children. No one knows about his or her future so to secure his and her children’s future these LIC child life insurance plans are very important. The child plans are different from other life insurance plans as they are designed with specific needs of children’s future needs. This mat interest you How child plans are different from other life insurance policies?

Let’s suppose that today you are having a good financial condition and after 10 years when your children want to take admission in a good university then you have to pay huge money to the university and what if your financial condition get disturb during this. You will have no money. In this situation LIC policy, I will help you a lot. The right child plan will help you plan all your future expenses.

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PLAN 1 – Child Money Back Plan

The table number for this plan is 832. Even this plan name indicates what’s the plan is. It is a Money Back Plan. It is a very good policy. Children money back policy is in fact the most sold policy in the history of LIC. The most preferred child plan.

You will get money back in 3 intervals. The first money back will get when the child’s age is 18 years. The second money back will get when the child’s age is 20 years and the third money back will get when the child is 22 years.

You will also get 20% of the sum assured in every interval of time.

Child AgeMoney Back
1820% of Sum Assured
2020% of Sum Assured
2220% of Sum Assured
2540% of Sum Assured

And when the child is 25 years you will get 40% of the sum assured and bonus. The important feature of this plant is that if you do not need the money during the three intervals you can request to get your money later. LIC will pay you money according to you with interest. Children plan LIC gets you the right product.   

PLAN 2 – Jeevan Tarun

The table number of this policy is 834. This is also a money-back policy in which you will get money when the child’s age is 20 years and you will get the money till the age of your child is 24 And you will get the money every year.

It means that from the age of 20 to 24 the child will get money back every year. And when the child is 25 the policy maturity will be given.

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Jeevan Tarun Plan Options

In this policy you will get four options from the four options you have to select one. These options are the selection of the money-back percentage.

OptionMoney BackMaturity
Option 1No Money Back100% of SA + Bonus
Option 25% of SA from 20 to 24 years 75% of SA + Bonus
Option 310% of SA from 20 to 24 years 50% of SA + Bonus
Option 415% of SA from 20 to 24 years 25% of SA + Bonus

PLAN 3 – Jeevan Lakshay

The table number of this policy is 833. This policy is mainly famous from another name Kanyadan Policy because when this policy is released it was officially named Jeevan Lakshay but it was promoted by the name of Kanyadan Policy. But make sure that there is no policy named Kanyadan Policy in LIC its official name is Jeevan Lakshay Policy.

Due to its name, many people think that this policy is only for girls but this policy can also be taken for boys and you can also take this policy to achieve specific financial goals.

You can take this policy according to t your choice from a policy period of 13 years to 25 years. It means that it depends upon you to choose the duration of 13 years to 25 years. You have to pay 3 years less until your policy period.

Premium Paying Term = Policy Period – 3 Years

i.e. you do not have to pay any premium in he last 3 years

Jeevan Lakshay / Kanyadaan Policy by LIC PPT

Jeevan Lakshay Policy Example

If your policy period is 13 years then you have to pay till the 10th year, and if your policy period is 20 years you have to pay till the 17th year. You will get Sum Assured + Bonus at Maturity.

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I would recommend you to take this policy for 15 years to get an additional bonus at maturity. The most important thing about this policy is that if the policy owner gets dead due to some reason then the nominee will get 10% of Sum Assured every year and at the age of Maturity nominee will get 110% Sum Assured + Bonus.

If you want to achieve your financial goal whether you live or not and you want to improve financial conditions then this policy is best for you. I would recommend you to take this policy with the term rider.

Ready to buy a insurance plan for your child? Check this out before deciding Basics of Child Insurance plans explained


In all of the policies mentioned you have to pay a premium according to your choice. LIC policies have flexible premium options starting from INR 500 and there is no upper limit. Secure your child’s future with these LIC children insurance plans.

Additional information and one bonus child life insurance policy

  1. PREMIUM PAYMENT: All above 3 policies, you have an option to pay premium as per your convenience. You can choose to pay premiums monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly
  2. PREMIUM WAIVER BENEFIT: All the bove policies come with premium waiver benefit which means hr policy will continue with all benefits even if the policy buyer (parent) dies during the policy term.
  3. LOAN ON POLICY: Loan can be taken on these policies to cater for some immediate expenses. Check eligibility for loan on LIC plan

One Premium Child Insurance Policy

But if you want to secure your child feature by just paying premium one time then Single Premium Endowment Plan is for you. The table number for this plan is 817.

As this policy name indicate that in this you have to pay a premium at once. If you have good financial conditions and you can pay a premium at once then it is good for you. This the period you can choose ranges from 10 years to 25 years.

This policy is also available with a single premium of ₹50000. This policy is better than fixed deposit rates being offered by any nationalised or private bank of India in the long term.

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